Is This Industry Completely Heartless?

There is glamour walking the ramp every season but then there is also a pile of dirt released with every garment made. The entire world is a worshiper of this world yet there is sometimes, neglecting of different body shapes and preferences. Most find the fashion industry ravishing yet believe it to be superficial and meaningless. However, as decked up and theatrical as it is, fashion doesn’t exactly lack a heart.

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Can clothes decide the level of your modernity?

Let’s assume, you have a meeting tomorrow with someone important to your profession. You enter the cabin and are introduced to a lady dressed in a salwar kameez. You would subconsciously pass a judgement, wouldn’t you? You probably heard a lot about the lady’s work influence; she is a renowned name in the industry that you’re a part of. You probably had a certain image in your head of how she would look, taking from her hair to her dressing. And, you may not have expected someone with such recognition to be dressed in anything but a pant-suit.

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