The Guide to Getting Your Dream Job

Well, there is no guide to getting your dream job unless you’re looking for one that lists steps asking you to just discover your passion, jot down qualities of your ideal job, not give up and strive harder. Before you even go ahead to Google a guide alike, are you even sure of what a dream job exactly is? Is it a coveted company you’ve always wanted to work for, a desired position, a massive pay-check, or work hours that don’t suffocate your social life?

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You Should Pat Your Back And Eat That Cake

Ever received a star on your palm by a teacher back in kindergarten? Then you’d also have been made to stand out of the class as punishment in your school years. Such punishments have had a part in framing your mind and personality as kids; so have rewards when you did anything praise-worthy. And that is exactly what we have been missing as adults—the combined benefits of punishing ourselves as well as rewarding when we do something even the slightest bit good.

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When Women Generalize All Men as Rapists

When women generalize all men as rapists, they might be wrong.

There are men I can be alone with at three in the night and not feel threatened at all. There are some men who stand up for women more than their own gender and show their respect and support throughout. There are men who are victims themselves. However, when a woman says that all men are rapists, she may be wrong, but she also can’t really be blamed.

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Maybe, It Is More Than Just Depression

Share a bottle of wine with a friend, and you’re most likely to discover this unnerving fact. Among other usual slews of the same old stories around their 9 to 6 job and some random tittle-tattle, that friend’s silent suffering of depression is likely to sneak into the conversations. Alternatively, it could also be you spilling subtle hints about your depressed mental state. However, on second thought, what if it isn’t depression at all?

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