Is This Industry Completely Heartless?

There is glamour walking the ramp every season but then there is also a pile of dirt released with every garment made. The entire world is a worshiper of this world yet there is sometimes, neglecting of different body shapes and preferences. Most find the fashion industry ravishing yet believe it to be superficial and meaningless. However, as decked up and theatrical as it is, fashion doesn’t exactly lack a heart.

Designers today are beginning to re-discover old forms of art. Tribal art, gypsy art and crafts, weaves and techniques that no one paid attention to for all these decades. And the wonderful thing is that even consumers are beginning to wake up to it. Hand-loom and handmade are gaining importance. Be it art, be it an old ritual or some forgotten, ancient technique – people are willing to pay a premium for these!

Increasingly, people are looking for things that have a story, that have a history and some significance.

Design inspirations are coming from the old and forgotten. For example, anthropology of Indian traditions itself can reveal styles, arts and techniques that are over 3000 years old, that could be made very much wearable & relevant even today. Such treasures of knowledge and stories are sitting all over the world, just waiting to inspire creators and designers who choose to look.

People are becoming a lot more eco-conscious; more importantly, in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, which the fraternity is realizing and hence acknowledging. Brands are already waking up to this and along with high end fashion designers like Stella McCartney and fast fashion giants like H&M launching conscious collections. We also see a rise in a huge number of young designers whose entire brand and purpose are based on sustainability. And, as we go ahead, I see more and more sustainability dictating the future of design in fashion, right from the fabrics to the silhouettes.

Today, there is awareness on mental health and other world and societal issues. There is a war against these evil stains on our society and culture. The fashion industry isn’t exactly sitting back in this realm. Body-shaming, slut-shaming, gender neutrality, racism, sexism, stereotyping – if these are some of this  generation’s issues, then it only means that people are demanding a world that is unbiased, ungendered and that respects individuality. A world that is truly free and lets you be. That is exactly why fashion is slowly embracing change and adopting rebellion against traditional conventions.

Imperfections and flaws are being celebrated!

‘Unfinished, crude and raw’ will be one of the biggest design trends that we’ll be witnesses to, in the near future. Anti-fits, androgynous styles, comfort fits, clothes that can be worn (interpreted) in multiple ways and gender neutral clothing are just some things that I believe we can expect to see a lot more of.

There is this new wave of consciousness in the fashion industry that is an indication of a heart in its core!


Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

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